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Bushey Festival 2024: Community Events


Dear Friend

Welcome to the Bushey Festival, which is the original and oldest community festival running in
Bushey, having started in its current form in 1983. We are run completely by volunteers and funded
with the support of the community and grants in order make events free or as affordable as possible.

Without general Council funding it’s immensely important that we engage local organisations who
want to share in our vision to promote Bushey as a great community to live and work in. This year we
start on Friday 28 June and run for ten days with a grand finale Festival in the Park on Sunday 7 July.
Last year’s Festival in the Park attracted some 6000 festival goers in the sunshine. Once again and of
increased significance, our focus is about bringing the community together.

You will no doubt have been or are thinking about planning your own event(s) for this year and we
invite you to use the Festival period to help promote and share them more widely. The Festival has
always had a large and varied programme of events and activities which, together, celebrate all that is
good about living in Bushey. Last year we had around 30 Festival events and it would be good to
build on that in 2024.

Our role is to organise a number of events and to promote those put on by other community
organisations as a whole via social media, website, posters and a programme delivered to every
home in the WD23 postal area. We share in the belief that community orientated groups and the
people they serve benefit hugely from the mutual support generated.

The Festival runs from 28 June to 7 July and we hope that many of you will want to host an event
during that period so that we can have a concentrated series of events drawing in as wide a variety of
people as possible. Whilst traditionally arts, crafts, music, dance, theatre, health and children
focussed, if it’s community building orientated such as an event in a place of worship we would love to
include you. If you have already planned events at different times, please let us know and we will be
happy to see how we can promote these in other ways.

Please contact me via if you or your organisation would like to be
involved.. I would be only too happy to have a chat about your ideas and where best we can slot them
into the programme.

With best wishes from Alan Guthrie-Jones for the Bushey Festival Committee

19 January 2024

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