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Young Entrepreneur

If you recall, We said in the last newsletter that I’d introduce you an entrepreneur of the future. Let me introduce you to Cosima who has been our youngest stall holder for the last two years. Now aged 14, she can claim to be a founder member of the ‘Slime Community.’ That’ll be a new one to most of us but it’s an indicator of how simply watching a You-Tube video in 2017 triggered her enterprising drive. And the incentive? …. To buy herself a laptop!

The craze started in the USA (where else!) and she saw her opportunity. Buoyed by the success of her first school fair sale, in which she made nearly half her target figure in just 3 hours, the path ahead was set to expand and improve. Not unsurprisingly, her friends were the real incentive – prices being asked commercially were crazy so she did he research and changed from using a local high street supplier to importing materials from the US..


The great thing about having a driving ambition, of course, is that it demands the acquisition of new skills. Having opened a bank account and started to promote her product online, she’s had to acquire budgeting, marketing and customer relation skills. For her, this was over and above school studies which for many teenagers make a lot more sense if driven by reason. In every other respect she’s a regular teenager – she likes to socialise, watch Netflix, cook and ‘dance with her dog.’  Oh, and you won’t be surprised to hear that ‘The Apprentice’ is also on her list.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Facetime chat with Cosima, who’s had to self-isolate and will miss her stall this year but somehow know, that when the Slime craze is coming to an end she will already have drawn-up plans to diversify. We wish her well!


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